Available software

Numerical libraries and tools

  • MPSolve 3.1.5: The new version of the MPSolve package for polynomial roots approximation.
  • MPSolve 2.2: The older version of MPSolve, released in 2001.
  • PGDoubling: A MATLAB package to solve algebraic Riccati equations and optimal control problems using permuted graph bases
  • SMCSolver: A software tool to solve some classes of Markov Chains frequently encountered in queuing models.

Scripts and numerical experiments

  • Rank Structured Hessenberg Reduction: A MATLAB toolbox implementing the rank structured Hessenberg reductino presented in the paper “Fast Hessenberg reduction of some rank structured matrices”, by L. Gemignani and L. Robol.
  • Secular linearization: Some Matlab scripts to reproduce the experiments in the paper “On a class of matrix pencils equivalent to a given matrix polynomial”.