Most of the software under current development is hosted on the page of the NumPI group on Github.

Numerical libraries and tools

  • CQT Toolbox: A toolbox for MATLAB implementing the arithmetic of finite and semi-infinite quasi-Toeplitz matrices (i.e., Toeplitz + low-rank corrections).
  • HM Toolbox: A toolbox for MATLAB implementing HODLR and HSS rank-structured arithmetic. The toolbox is under active development (especially the HSS part).
  • MPSolve 3: The new version of the MPSolve package for polynomial root approximation.
  • MPSolve 2.2: The older version of MPSolve, was released in 2001.
  • PGDoubling: A MATLAB package to solve algebraic Riccati equations and optimal control problems using permuted graph bases.
  • PSCToolkit: A suite of software for distributed sparse linear algebra (Krylov solvers and AMG preconditioners). It runs on hundreds of thousands of CPUs and thousand of GPUs.
  • SMCSolver: A software tool to solve some classes of Markov Chains frequently encountered in queuing models.

Scripts and numerical experiments

  • Rank Structured Hessenberg Reduction: A MATLAB toolbox implementing the rank structured Hessenberg reduction presented in the paper “Fast Hessenberg reduction of some rank structured matrices”, by L. Gemignani and L. Robol.
  • Secular linearization: Some Matlab scripts to reproduce the experiments in the paper “On a class of matrix pencils equivalent to a given matrix polynomial”.
  • StarSylv: A FORTRAN implementation of the solver for a system of $\top$-Sylvester equations described in the paper “Nonsingular systems of generalized Sylvester equations: an algorithmic approach”, by F. De Terán, B. Iannazzo, F. Poloni, L. Robol.
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